About Metheor

Metheor is a biotechnology company focused on discovering and developing new therapeutics for the treatment of cancers.  Based on the founders’ extensive epigenetic expertise, our goal is to identify new compounds that modify epigenetic processes, and consequently the expression of genes that play a role in human disease. To achieve this goal, the company brought together expertise in the study of human DNA methylation, cutting edge molecular modeling and sophisticated medicinal chemistry to design and synthesize novel small molecule inhibitors of DNA methyltransferases (DNMTs).

The DNMT enzyme family establishes and maintains the natural methylation state of DNA, providing an essential mechanism for turning on or shutting off genes.  Since the timing of gene expression is critical to all biological process, including growth and development, methylation changes that disrupt gene regulation are pivotal in many human diseases, including cancers.

Our focus is to identify new compounds that can selectively and specifically inhibit DNMTs, to provide treatment by reversing the methylation while minimizing side effects that can occur when manipulating a universal regulatory system.